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Monday, October 18, 2010

Save Fuel Save Earth

Save Fuel Save Earth

The world is facing a severe fuel crisis . It has been estimated that by the year 2025 all the oil reservoir is going to be empty. The main reason is the increase in the production of automobiles  day-by-day  and hence the consumption of the Fuel is also increasing.We know that one or the other day the fuel present on earth is going to be vanished or it would not be available.Then what would happen to these automobiles which are build to run on the fuels like petron,diesel,etc. So there must be an alternative way to find the solution.First of all,we will take a look on the effect of the fuel on our environment.

Our environment is being effected due to combustion of fuels by the automotives. The automobiles run on petrol or diesel,the automotives burn the fuels to run the automobiles .The burned fuels are released into the environment,This released smoke or burned fuels are depleting the Ozone layer of the earth.Due to the depletion of Ozone layer , Green house effect is taking place and the earth is getting heated up and burning from inside.

The Most important question to be answered in this Era is - What Can You Do to Save Mother Earth ? The answer is simple - Save Fuel and Gas !

To have a great impact on our health and the environment isn't an easy task. But if we are motivated and  really want to adjust our lifestyle in order to develop positive habits, and to do our part to change the negative trends against the environment and save Fuel deposit , this is a must.

Tips on How To Save Fuel Consumption for Better Environment

Today a large number of motorists are wasting fuels worth millions just because of their negligence and ignorance about how to maintain their vehicle. No matter which car we are driving we can always squeeze out more distance from each gallon of fuel. And for doing this all we have to do is some minor things that will add up to great savings.
  • Slow down  speed and stick to the speed limit. In a couple of days we can   notice how much fuel we have saved. Always remember that speed speeds up the consumption of fuel thereby reducing the fuel economy .
  • Avoid using too much of clutch and unnecessarily as this would lead to the extra consumption of fuel. Also while standing in the red light it is always better to turn off the vehicle .
  • Avoid starting up our vehicle rapidly and sudden stops as this would only increase our fuel consumption. Moreover, the cars of today's generation do not need warm up, so start the engine instantly and begin to drive steadily.
  • Turn off the air conditioner when driving around the city. Open the window and enjoy the gust of wind and the cool breeze. 
  • Check if the tires are properly inflated because if it is under inflated then we will have to burn more fuel in order to set it to roll smoothly as it increases the resistance.
  • A proper maintenance of our car is also essential. Make sure to replace the spark plugs, as it can cause misfiring, and the dirty air filters regularly. 
  •  Do not overload the rack of our automobiles. This can increase the fuel consumption by at least 5% in highway driving. An empty car rack can also increase fuel consumption. If possible clean out our car periodically because the more the weight of the car the more fuel burns. 
  • Clean the engine oil after a certain mileage as dirty engine oils can cause internal engine friction and lead to the wastage of fuel.
  • Use fuel with lower octane. They are cheaper. However if our car requires higher octane then we can mix the fuel.
These were some of the tips on how to save fuel. There are also other ways like walking to the store instead of driving, riding a bike or using public transport system wherever possible.

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This blog very useful to people because how to keep our country as safe and useful for next generation
Save fuel, Save water, Save electricity, Save environment

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