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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tips To Maximize Fuel Efficiency

       Fuel Efficiency Maximizing 

There are many ways we can significantly improve the fuel economy of our vehicle. Managing our vehicle by minimizing operating costs on fuel as well as minimizing emissions is our goal. The right choice of spare parts , careful driving and good maintenance will help us to Save Fuel and Money. Here are some helpful tips that we  can use to help to achieve a fuel-efficient and environmentally conscious vehicle

  • Air Filter - Changing and cleaning the air filter is the single most easiest way to ensure a vehicle is running more efficiently. Filters are inexpensive and should be replaced every five months. That of course depends on where we  live. Dustier areas may require more frequent changes. We can  consider using  Hi-Performance Air Filters. They are made of cloth instead of paper which allows more air-flow and are reusable. Increased air flow means more power and fuel efficiency. They are re a little pricy but it may be worth it in the long run.
  •  Oxygen Sensors - The Oxygen sensors job is to read the amount of oxygen flowing out of the engine through the exhaust pipe. Depending on its reading it will tell the main computer to add more or less fuel to keep the air and fuel mixture at its best performance. The Oxygen sensor should be replaced if it starts sending false information to the computer. 
  • Fuel Injectors - Fuel injectors spray a mist of gas into the engine. Sometimes over time their misting ability turns more into squirting or trickling if they get clogged with silt. While some mechanics would recomend replacing them, the truth is that they can be fixed quite easily. They just need a good cleaning. Add a bottle of Fuel Injector Cleaner into a full tank of gasoline. Once we are out on the highway give the engine a few good hard throttles to really push the gas through the injectors. Always obey the speed limit though. After a few weeks our vehicle should be running better than ever .
  • City Drive  - Nothing will destroy our vehicles' efficiency worse than driving in traffic. If we can avoid traffic problem areas do it. Try car pooling or taking the train - just stay away from places where we will have to crawl around at slow speeds. It not only will burn more gas, it causes our vehicle to overheat and breakdown. Avoid traffic like it were the plague.
  • PCV Valve -The PCV Valve is a small plastic part that is usually attached with a hose and located on top of the rocker cover. It takes whatever gases that were not burned inside of the enging and sends it back to be burned again. If the PCV Valve were not to operate properly gas build up inside of the engine would be lost and eventually find its way into the atmosphere. 
  • Spark Plugs - The spark plugs job is to create the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in our engine. Sometimes over time the plugs get dirty and should be replaced. When replacing ensure that they are the righ ones for our vehicle type. And also be sure Not all spark plus are created equally - usually the more expensive spark plugs ignite the gases faster and more efficiently. This could translate into more horsepower and better fuel efficiency.
  • Alignment Balance - The vehicle should have a proper wheel alignment . Sometimes after hiting a hard bump things can get screwy with the tires - so have them tested and make certain they're all straight. The last thing we want is one tire pulling us left while the other goes right. Also, make sure that our tires are in good condition and balanced properly. An inbalanced tire will shake at specific speeds and will disturb the overall driving quality of the vehicle.
  • Tire Pressure - Most of a vehicles energy can be lost just by having inproperly inflated tires. To ensure we are doing right by the environment the tire pressure should be measured carefully, acuratly and often.

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