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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tips to Save Fuel and Money

Petrol , diesel price hike looks imminent !

In short days time we all will see the above sentence on almost all news channels and news papers . What is the reason behind that ? The answer is simple . Day by day the use of fuel is increasing and the availability is not that much to meet the needs . Lakhs of new vehicles are coming to roads everyday and thus results in more demand of fuels .So the common man will be asking what should be done to get rid off the hype . The government is making the decisions on fuel prices in consulatation with petroleum companies and so that cannot be altered by us . So that leaves us with two other options only , whether to use vehicles or not to use . It will be difficult for most of us to select the second path and so that leaves us with the first choice , use vehicle . That makes us think what are the ways with which we can overcome the price hype and that search results in one way only , Save Fuel .

Whether you drive expensive Suvs ' or economic vehicle , we can squeeze a little more distance if we keep a close eye on Fuel consumption and some Fuel saving Tips . Most tips given serve for a slight increase in MPG , but use of several together helps in covering more distance with good mileage .

We should be a smooth Operator , start vehicles gently and dont leave your automobile idling . Drive at posted speed limit and maintain a constant speed . Minimise the use of Air conditionings and park in shades inorder to avoid more AC useage .Use good quality and energy conserving oils in the engine with viscosity grade recommended in Owners guide .Make sure the vehicle is tuned for efficient running and use high quality fuel with Octane rating appropriate for your Automobile .

So Lets Join Together To Save Fuel and Economy

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Carey K. Masci said...

Please follow this link to an article I wrote of the gas crisis and of won't and what will work.

Douglas B. said...

The oil companies do not set the retail (or wholesale) price of their products, nor do they collude with the US government to set prices.

The free market of supply vs. demand, the futures market and the spot market determine the cost of petroleum products.