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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drive Safe and Save Fuel

Slow Drive

One of the best ways to save Fuel is to simply reduce our speed. As speed increases, fuel economy decreases exponentially. If you one of the "ten-over on the freeway" set, try driving the speed limit for a few days. We will save a lot of fuel and our journey won't take much longer. Aim to maintain a constant speed. Every time we pump the accelerator, we are pumping more fuel into the engine.

Air Filter Maintanence

A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine, which harms performance and economy. Air filters are easy to check and change; remove the filter and hold it up to the sun. If we can't see light coming through it, we need a new one.

Back to Nature

Consider shutting off the air conditioner, opening the windows and enjoying the breeze. It may be a tad warmer, but at lower speeds we will save fuel. That said, at higher speeds the A/C may be more efficient than the wind resistance from open windows and sunroof. Minimize the use of the air conditioning system. Rather than run it continuously, use the vent setting as much as possible.

Purchase With Care

when we are going for a new car we should evaluate the pros and corns before making any final decision . Smaller cars are inherently more fuel-efficient, and today's small cars are roomier than ever . The automakers are designing their small cars to survive crashes with bigger vehicles, and safety features like side-curtain airbags and electronic stability control are becoming commonplace in smaller cars.

Accelerate with care

Start the car and immediately, but gently, drive away. Don't leave our car idling. Today's cars don't need to warm up. Start slowly, avoiding rapid acceleration. Jack-rabbit starts are terrible fuel wasters. If we drive an automatic, accelerate moderately so the transmission can shift up into the higher gears. Stick-shifters should shift early to keep the reverse down, but don't lug the engine . Keep an eye well down the road for potential slowdowns. If we accelerate to speed then have to brake right away, that's wasted fuel. Drive at posted speed limits - that's a tip that may save a life as well as fuel.

Wheel and Tyres

Have a professional align our front wheels. Wheels that are pointing in the same direction fight with each other, wasting fuel and tyres .Check our tire pressure. Under inflated tires increase rolling resistance and reduce fuel economy. Also, underinflated tires wear rapidly. Check the vehicle's door-post sticker for minimum cold tire inflation pressure. Buy a reliable tire gauge and check our tires at least once a month. Be sure to check them when they are cold, since driving the car warms up the tires along with the air inside them, which increases pressure and gives a falsely high reading. Use the inflation pressures shown in the owner's manual or on the data plate in the driver's door jamb.

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Sean said...

Great tips! Properly maintaining your vehicle goes a long way to not only improving gas mileage but also can improve your carbon footprint.

Check out a blog that I came across that offers some additional tips for your travels.